about me

My name is Harry van Mierloo. I am a UX designer and a photographer.

Being influenced by a technology-loving father, I’ve been interested in innovative technology for a very long time. Next to this, creating things was something I could not stop doing after my LEGO ages. Therefore, after finishing high school, I decided to combine technology with creativity by studying Industrial Design Engineering at the Delft University of Technology. In 2005 I’ve earned my Bachelor of Science degree. I decided to continue studying by specializing in Design For Interaction, with a strong focus on sound and human-computer interaction. Early 2008 I’ve earned my Master of Science degree by graduating with the design of an innovative surround sound mixer desk for electronic live performers.

During the 34 years I’ve spent so far in my life, I’ve developed three specific interests: photography, sound and games. I am especially interested in how photography, sound and games can trigger strong emotions in human beings. In my opinion, a good design starts with triggering emotions and human instincts in it’s most basic form. This could be the satisfying tactile feedback from pressing a button, or the primitive escape-instinct that is triggered when you are being chased by zombies in a videogame.

In my opinion you don’t have to be a designer to come up with great ideas. However, as a designer it’s my job to integrate these ideas in one consistent experience. In order to extend my knowledge, I’m not only focusing on design-related skills, but also on increasing my programming, musical, and 2D/3D art skills. This has increased my awareness of the other disciplines a lot, and it enables me to see the consequences of certain design decisions from both a technical and visual point of view at an early stage in the development process.

I strongly believe in the power of rapid prototyping and user testing. This prevents tunnel vision, and enables me to judge ideas at a very early stage. And moreover, it enables me to design things that other people like, not only me.

It’s the people who make it great to work within the creative industry. People who spend a big part of their lives on creating new things for other people. People with ideas about how things can be done better. People who try to get those ideas past the theoretic stage. Not only to make money, but also to improve daily life of others with helpful and fun products.

~ Harry van Mierloo

UX Designer & Photographer